Who I Am

Harley Lever is a former human factors research scientist contracted to work on projects for the FAA, NASA, and EASA.  Today, he is a small business consultant who helps companies leverage internet and marketing technologies to better compete and thrive.

As the founder of Safe Seattle, Harley has led a team of researchers and writers to shine a light on the humanitarian crisis taking place among our homeless neighbors and those suffering from opioid addiction.  He has searched the country for solutions to both and has fought to have these evidence-based solutions adopted here in Seattle.  As mayor, he will continue this fight.

Harley is driven by love of people and compassion for others.  He is the proud biological father to his friends Beth and Jen Lyall-Wilson's daughter.  He describes their daughter Kinsey as the "Best gift I ever gave." He has helped orphans in Vietnam and is an active blood, plasma, and registered bone marrow donor.

Today, Harley resides in Interbay with his beautiful and loving girlfriend Rosalynn Rust.