How I Will Lead Seattle

Lever Leads Seattle
All stakeholders have a place at the table at every level of government, under my administration.  This ensures that each voice is heard, equally weighted, and every good idea implemented as we come together to tackle the challenges we face and lay down the foundation of prosperity for every citizen to enjoy and leverage.  Identity politics, pitting one group against another, or purposeful exclusion of any views ends here.  We will actively celebrate the diversity of every culture, the breadth of our collective intellect, and leverage the shared vision of a city we all love.

Fiscal responsibility combined with transparency, robust data capture, consistent strategy measurement, and the infusion of technology will shape the foundation of day-to-day operations under my leadership as mayor.   Taxpayer money is a precious and rare commodity that if ever needed will only be spent judiciously and with transparency.  I will exhaust every option before we ever ask for one more dollar of taxpayer money.  If the day does ever come and we do need to raise taxes, this will be followed by a detailed plan on how we will use the money and what cost controls will be implemented to ensure we stay within budgets.

Together, we will transform the mindset of City Hall from a “Do what we say!” mindset that pervades every department to a “How may we help you?”   Our job at the city is to help facilitate prosperity, not impede it.  Our homeless neighbors wait months for access to vital services.  Our small business owners spend many months and often tens of thousands of dollars waiting on permits for improvements as costly delays by the city erode their business funds.  These are funds that could be spent on hiring employees, but instead are wasted on needless red tape.  Homeowners who need answers to questions often wait weeks to hear back.  This must change. And it will change under my leadership.

My administration will search the world to identify and leverage the best, most innovative, and cost-effective strategies to meet the challenges we face now and in our future.  Together, we will set Seattle on a trajectory of success for generations to come.  All Seattleites will unite and make Seattle a world-class city that others can look to and learn from.


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